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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up October 2nd, 2015

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up October 2nd, 2015


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This was a different week for me. I had a recurring gig, annually that is, playing at a fancy hotel near Stanford in Menlo Park, the Venture Capital capitol of Silicon Valley. It is usually 4 hours of background music and I usually bring along additional musicians to spread out the load. This year I went solo and I have to tell you it was exhausting. It did present a chance to play some unusual stuff, and I show some examples in the News today.

I started with a little run through of our updated St. James Infirmary, a la Arlo, courtesy of Lynn’s knowledge, and continued with a whole bunch of random tunes that appeared mostly due to having to play so long last night. It might be a good day for a Name That Tune contest with prizes!

I talked a little about our two IGCs next summer, hinting at some places we are, and are not considering at this point. We are certainly not expecting anyone to go to both but hope to see a lot of new faces with additional dates and locations.

The other big news is the News is moving, days of the week that is. This may be the last Friday wrap up for a bit as we transition into Wednesday becoming News day. Feedback as it materializes will be appreciated, possibly ignored, but appreciated.

I think I reviewed the new content for TG somewhere along the line. If not, what we had this week consisted on a couple Student Reviews, Driving Towards The Daylight by Marc, Joe Bonamassa and Vanessa, and a continuing look at Scott’s life with Tommy Emmanuel’s Ruby’s Eyes, some Acoustic Snapshots showing Doug Young’s mastery of instrumental guitar pieces, along with the Hogan girls harmonizing on Landslide, then Target lessons finishing up Nexus by Dan Fogelberg along with Eric Clapton’s jazzy version of Over The Rainbow, and of course, Ed’s new look at St. James Infirmary, a bit different than the Dave Van Ronk version we saw last year.

So, today’s pop quiz: Who can list the most titles of tunes that jumped out of my guitar today? I know one for sure that will be quite a challenge in spite of the fact that I pretty much played it in its entirety, an unreleased original as far as I can remember.

Back on a coming Wednesday…


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