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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up November 22nd, 2013

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up November 22nd, 2013


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Today’s plan of clocking in at 10 minutes or less started off well but, not unlike the Don Quixote concert during the IGC, some music interrupted the train of thought. Somewhere in the middle I started into a piece of mine called One Step Beyond, planning to just play a bit as an example of whatever I was talking about at the time (titles for instrumentals I think). The rest of the piece followed, kind of on its own. Oh well, I hope you enjoy it. I also planned to talk a little more about the ‘A’ shape for barre chords, and finally got to it by the end.

In between the rambles there was the usual rundown of new material. We had tunes from Neil Diamond, Graham Nash, The Classic IV, a Fly video with Kurt fine tuning the opening to Heart Of Gold, more Acoustic Snapshots from Doug Young, Dave Siegler and Victor Tsaran, a couple of my songs from the Don Quixote’s concert, and a new Student Review on Little Martha. I think I mentioned how much fun I had working on lessons for the new songs this week, Spooky, I’m A Believer and Sweet Caroline, as well as listening to a little of Howard Stern’s interview with Graham Nash, something really worth checking out if you’re interested.

Not too sure what the TG plan will be for next week but I hope everybody in the US has a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving.

Stay Tuned & In Touch,



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