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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up March 29th, 2013

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up March 29th, 2013


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This week we rolled out the info for our Inaugural International Guitar Camp and by the time I started today’s News we had a handful of people jumping on it! I’m glad to see folks are as excited about it as we are. I went over a bunch of unrelated tangents today (for a change!…) but managed to address a few questions and comments floating through the Forum as well. This included Camp info on guitars, travel and suggested airports, and a Banner update where I think it is time to issue Last Call for anybody wanting to sign it before it heads here to TG Central.

Speaking of TG Central, I managed to cut in a couple minute tour of the TG Cabin and surrounding area as requested on the Forum. Unfortunately our mascot, Potsticker was nowhere to be found. He usually spends the morning napping in the main office.

The new content for this week included Student Reviews on Cat Stevens’ Miles From Nowhere and George Harrison’s Here Comes The Sun, as well as a new addition to Steve’s Listening Post highlighting Lucinda Williams. A couple of other projects are turning into mini-series of sorts. We had Jim Page of The Ivory Salamander fame drop by for a lengthy conversation that will be parsed out over the next few weeks, and we eavesdropped on MattF’s progress in his mission to surprise his wife with a performance of Wild Horses. I hope everybody is enjoying our excursion into reality TV.

There was also the usual smattering of random playing. I seem to recall John Renbourn, Bach, and a couple originals. As usual, I hope everybody enjoys the update.

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