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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up March 11th, 2016

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up March 11th, 2016


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I have been thinking of some cosmetic changes here at TG lately. You may have noticed a new banner in the studio, the old one is safe and sound but was starting to stretch out a bit so it is getting a little rest. Anybody who saw the beginning of this week’s Fly On The Wall lesson may have noticed that Camera 1 (vintage 2008) was having auto-out-of-focus problems. And a month or so ago Camera 2 was putting lines in the shots. So today’s News was back to Camera 3 in a new (retro) setting. I’d be happy to hear any comments anybody might have.

And speaking of retro, I think I even thought we were still way back in February at the top of the video. Whatever the month, today’s News included many bungled attempts at songs I hadn’t thought about in years, partly inspired by the Gordon Lightfoot thread on the Forum, along with some more thoughts on our time signature question, or issue.

The new lessons this week included Vanessa’s very detailed look at Bette Midler’s version of The Rose, Easy To Be Hard by Three Dog Night, and the already mentioned FOTW where Sandy and I didn’t really talk much about Angel, just basic time signature thoughts.

And, as has been becoming an occasional close, a little improv in A, with a drop way out of the key, similar to the little detour I took with The Rose at the top.

Till next week-

Stay Tuned & In Touch,



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