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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up June 12th, 2020

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up June 12th, 2020


I started with Pat Metheny’s Last Train Home today, now that that is my last tune of his that needs to be turned into a lesson. Hopefully just a month or two on that. This week I did another Guitar League spot for the Dallas chapter, and it went as well as we could hope, considering it was a virtual meeting like most these days. More on that later as it was recorded and I will share it as time permits.

New Stuff This Week
Lessons on James by Pat Metheny and the strumming version of Walk Away Renée.

Artist Packs:
Jimi Hendrix Electric
Stevie Wonder Electric
Taylor Swift
Brandi Carlile
Billy Joel

And the big news is that the search function is up and running on the Totally Lessons side, as heavily requested.

Next week we are reviving a few older features, including Fly On The Wall lessons, daily blog posts, starting with some of the Guitar League clips, and some lessons from our other staff, starting with Alan Jackson’s Chatahoochie, brought to us by Max. Also, lessons on Jim Croce’s Working At The Car Wash Blues and the solo version of Walk Away Renée.

Next Week’s Five-Packs:

Doors Electric
Doors Acoustic
Jazz Standards Volume 1
Early Beatles Volume 1
Early Beatles Volume 2

Keep practicing…



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