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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up July 17th, 2020

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up July 17th, 2020


For a couple weeks now I have been working with some students on Beatles arrangements, partly drive by a CD I made about 30 years ago, A Beatles Collection, which is still available at various places on the internet, along with a few hundred copies in my garage. So today’s update was almost a sales pitch to help me get rid of some of them… any ideas? But on the practical side, it set me down a path of bringing some of them to TG, which leads me into this week’s new stuff.

Working backwards chronologically, we ended the week with a new arrangement I did of I’m Looking Through You, which is one of the 20+ songs on the album. I told much of the story in the opening segment and even flashed the CD and accompanying book that collects dust in the studio.

Over the course of the Update I lapsed into quite a few instrumentals, some that probably should have been better tested than others. Keep an eye out for a few Beatles tunes, a jazz standard, and even Bridge Over Troubled Water (a good example of the aforementioned ‘better planning might have been a good idea.’

This Weeks Stuff-
A songwriter I just recently became aware of, thanks to Wiley, is Blaze Foley, an under appreciated Texas player whose songs were being kept alive by none other than John Prine, as well as The Avett Brothers. I hope you took a look at the lesson post and enjoyed the videos.

Other lesson we released were Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain, and No One Needs To Know by Shania Twain. This also led to a new 5-Pack of her songs as well as Volume Four of our Jazz Standards, thanks again to Max Rich.

On The Forum-
I was glad to see some recommendations for lessons and I talked a bit about the likelihood of some of them. I am also glad to see more Uploads for Review and will have a Response to one early next week.

Next Week’s Stuff-
Vanessa is bringing us a Keane lesson, Bend And Break, and we will have Linda Ronstadt’s You’re No Good. There will also be another Beatles solo fingerpicking piece that will open the door to a 5-Pack of similar songs, as well as a new pack called The Celtic Connection, a collection of tunes with roots in the British Isles.

…and into the last week of July…



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  1. Richard Rangel July 30, 2020

    Is the Beatles arrangements book availabe?


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