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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up July 15 2011

TG News

Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up July 15 2011


This week I am On The Road Again and bringing you the TG News from
cloudy Southern California, Santa Ana to be specific, in the garden of
the lovely Quality Suites. I hope you can hear me as we are in the
flight path of the Orange County airport, aka John Wayne International.

This week we had a couple more songs from the Willie Nelson catalog
added to the Target Program- his big hit On The Road Again and his
version of Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys. The
latter of which was written by Ed Bruce but really took off when
Willie and Waylon Jennings recorded their joint album.

We added another tune to our David Gates collection as well, Diary,
and finished up our Drip Feed of Sleight Of Hand. The last segments
really just put together the arrangement and add a few parting
thoughts so I hope to be seeing a few Student Uploads of that soon!

Speaking of Uploads, as announced in the Forum, we are bringing back
that feature after a couple of months off and I am particularly
looking for contributions from TG’ers who have not yet joinrf in the
fun. Of course there will be reviews for our regular contributers as
well but I will try to prioritize Target songs from first timers so
get those cameras rolling.

For everybody who has been branching out into the fun world of our
little cousin, the ukulele, we are starting to bring out some lessons
of Hal’s that are a bit more challenging, even advanced I might say.
This week’s additions included a piece by Hawaiian legend Herb Ohta
called Ka’anapali Sunset, and a little flamenco in the traditional
guitar style, Soleares. These will certainly improve your ukulele
chops as well as your guitar abilities so please check them out.

Jack van Breen also took us into the world of vintage Gibson Les Pauls
with a look at a 1954 model and another at an SG model, which soon
became its own design. Those are up in our Vintage Snapshots
department found on the Home Page.

That’s the News and I am on to checking the Student Uploads for next
week. Till then…

Stay Tuned& In Touch,



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