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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up February 20th, 2015

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up February 20th, 2015


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Like usual this week, The News started without a plan, and went all over the place. There were examples of pieces that require many listenings to in order to get a grip on, most of which were mine, a brief rundown of happening this week at TG and IGC news, and a couple songs that really materialized out of nowhere. It was great to see some video from Larry, his documentary on the genesis of TG, as well as the IGC Highlights. I also am really happy to see the participation in out Songwriting Projects. I am still a little behind in the structured series I am working on for everybody but the little progressions and melodies videos may be increasing soon. I would particularly like to see some original progressions from the TG Community, with or without melodies, that others could join in on as well.

The main new stuff this week included Songwriting Collaboration #2, Fred progressing on Here Comes The Sun, and, after some requests some of you might regret, the start of a lesson on Heliotrope Bouquet. I have mentioned before that one of the difficulties with Classic Ragtime is the length. Most rags are 4 parts, every one of which could be considered a mini-masterpiece by itself. The only way to approach them for most people is in very small doses, maybe even a measure at a time. On the other hand, each section is usually sixteen measures but might have quite a few repeated, and few that might be relatively easy. I hope to hear a little feedback soon as to how folks are doing with this beautiful piece.

Other than Leonard Bernstein and John Renbourn, I think that was about it for February 20.


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