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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up December 11th, 2015

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up December 11th, 2015


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It has been a rough week around here, as evidenced by the slight slowdown in new lessons. It was not a random occurrence, we had a little Christmas Tree accident that is detailed a bit more in today’s News. Thankfully Vanessa stepped up with a cool lesson on a couple songs from Jesus Christ Superstar. Next week we are likely to bring in another guest instructor, who many of you are already familiar with. (The grammar policeman in me still can’t quite convince me to write, “with whom many of you are already familiar”).

There were a couple ear training mysteries included with a minimal amount of playing, and I addressed a few things that recently popped up on the Forum. We did start a new series that will be ongoing called “Inside The Mind“, which can go in many directions, especially if the TG Community brings up suggestions. The first set we have is from a bonus DVD that was bundled with our Strumming Package, The Compleat Rhythm Guitarist. This weeks’ entry had a few tips on finding and maximizing practice time.

I hope everybody is well into resurrecting Christmas songs. I had been thinking of adding another fingerpicking one to the library, before the tetanus shot, but might still be able to squeeze one in just before Christmas. Any suggestions or requests?

In any case, next week is bound to be better than this one was, at least at TG Central.

Keep on picking & grinnin’



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