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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up April 27th, 2018

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up April 27th, 2018


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So it has been 9 years since we started TG, with a whopping 50 lessons in the Target Program. I find it hard to believe that we are still going strong and have beefed the library up to over 1000 song lessons. Of course some of this is thanks to my colleagues Vanessa and Max. This week they each brought us classics from a couple of the women of rock and roll, Bonnie Tyler and Pat Benatar with Total Eclipse Of The Heart and Hit Me With Your Best Shot.

As I was reminiscing in today’s update I had to tell a story my son’s third grade teacher told us about 20 years ago as far as his likely future. It turns out it was prophetic for me as well.

The other new stuff was a lesson on Gordon Lightfoot’s Beautiful and a Fly video with Kevin working through On The Road Again. Mentioning Gordon reminded me of his album Endless Wire, which prompted an improvised stab at his song The Circle Is Small, one of my favorites.

Not much playing this week, although brief bits of Sylvia and Bethena slipped in, but I spent some time on Guitar Geography with some suggestions on using octaves to learn and find notes up the neck. It may have gotten a little technical, at least as far as the math goes, but hopefully you can find some short cuts there. I also mentioned a progressive band from the early 70s, Gryphon and have added a link to a song of theirs that crossed my mind during the ramblings. I hope you enjoy it.


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