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Totally Guitars Weekly Update October 29, 2021

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update October 29, 2021


October 29, 2021

A whole bunch of things interrupted my guitar playing this week, an atmospheric river ripping through Northern California, and power outages to name a few, leading to a lot of outdoor clean up. So, when I sat down for the News today, I got a little carried away with playing the guitar. There were bits and pieces of George Harrison and Neil Young, and later Hot Tuna and some ragtime improv. At least a couple new lessons and packs found their way into the library.

The new lessons this week were both from All Things Must Pass, including Isn’t It A Pity and the title tune itself. We also brought out two new Rolling Stones 5-Packs, one Acoustic and the other Electric, to fill out our Stones library. Of course, we have our original Rolling Stones 10-Pack as well, which dates to the very early days of Totally Guitars.

Enjoy the rambling tunes and I will be back next week,


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