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Totally Guitars Weekly Update October 22, 2021

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update October 22, 2021


October 22, 2021

A couple new lesson this week really just materialized because I recently picked up some 50th Anniversary Editions of long loved albums. It started with George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass, which led to Abbey Road and Deja Vu. Re-listening to outtakes from Abbey Road, although I have had many of the available ‘unofficial’ versions for years, I was reminded that I always thought about doing a lesson on Her Majesty. Paul McCartney has a very unorthodox approach to finger/strumming (maybe to coin a new term?) that I rarely teach to students. Her Majesty presented a great opportunity to tackle just that technique.

Switching to Deja Vu, I ran into a stunning demo of Neil Young’s Birds, with Graham Nash adding a really nice harmony line in the chorus. It also offered a good excuse to go into double time strumming. I hope you take the time to check out both lessons.

We also brought out a new electric pack of Creedence Clearwater Revival lessons, thanks to my talented colleague Max Rich.

Instrumental samples today started with a stab at Birds, Her Majesty, some All Things Must Pass tunes, and even a little Pink Floyd inspired by the Musical Postcard from Switzerland that appeared on our Forum this week.

Next week, I expect to get to something from George Harrison’s landmark album, and there was a big hint played at today.

See you then,


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