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Totally Guitars Weekly Update March 3, 2023

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update March 3, 2023


March 3, 2023

Last week’s revisiting of Fleetwood Mac’s Bob Welch period (1971-74) got me to finish a new lesson on Sentimental Lady from Bare Trees. The lesson is quite different from the way I have played it instrumentally for many years. There is a pretty good chance that will be a lesson soon as well.
We also got a lesson from Nesh on Carly Simon’s Coming Around Again. It is always fun to hear songs again too.
I wrapped up the week with one more Dan Hicks tune, O’Reilly At The Bar. This is a great example of his tongue-in-cheek style and really fun to play.

Today’s tip dipped into theory, looking at suspended and add9 type chords, then even a little into 3-string triads up the neck. That part was unplanned but after I had improvised through a couple tunes (Hesitation Blues and Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning), I felt a little explanation was in order.

We also released a few new Artist Packs this week – Linda Ronstadt, Dan Hicks, and Fleetwood Mac Volume 2. And remember, all the the latest lessons and packs are on the Specials page.

And as I have mentioned before, now that I have relocated the video studio into the basement here at TG Central, I have to share the space with Ponzu The Black Cat. He has made a few appearances already and I edited a clip of him interrupting me by scaling the wall behind me. He like to sit in the windowsill and look outside. This sill is about 6 feet off the ground.

See you next week,



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