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Totally Guitars Weekly Update June 21, 2024

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update June 21, 2024


June 21, 2024

This week there was a lot more playing and only a bit of News to talk about. A list of the tunes I remember touching on will be at the end.

As some of you may know, I tend to go on ‘Band Binges’, and get really into a specific artist for a while. I put together a few lessons on their stuff, then send them back to the bench. The latest has been The Rolling Stones, and I am just about done with solo arrangements of their tunes. I am staying with the ‘S’ bands going forward and play a few of the new songs infringing on my space lately at the end of today’s Update.

New stuff this week included a solo arrangement of As Tears Go By, as well as the entire workshop I did last week for the Phoenix Guitar League. All the segments are up as a free lesson here at TG, and that will have to qualify as todays’ Tips/Theory/Technique section. I covered a lot of material, including a Bossa Nova rhythm pattern, natural and artificial harmonics, some Fretboard Geometry, and 3-string triads up the neck.

Musical snippets that crossed my fingers included As Tears Go By, The Last Time, Manha de Carnaval (Black Orpheus), along with four tunes from my next Band Binge period. Those tunes include one that is already a lesson here, one that was a huge hit in 1968, a slightly obscure track with a nod toward George Orwell’s fear of the future, and one that was part of a famous copyright lawsuit.



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