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Totally Guitars Weekly Update December 2, 2022

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update December 2, 2022


December 2, 2022

Peter, Paul & Mary popped into the TG world again recently as we started the week with and old fingerpicking classic, A Soalin’. The tune features a guitar part that sounds like two but was expertly played by Noel (Paul) Stookey as the backdrop for an amazing vocal trio. There aren’t many songs that are only four measures long but this one is, and is a lot of fun to play, nonetheless.

We also added a new artist to the TG Library with a lesson on Hold Me Now by Johnny Logan. He is someone I was not familiar with, but I do enjoy the songs that Nesh brings into our heavily American audience.

I spent some time this week thinking about Christmas songs that would make good instrumentals, like we don’t have plenty already. A few popped into my head and I test drove some of them as the camera was rolling but I could certainly use some feedback from you as to tunes you might like to see.

I appreciate the Forum suggestions, which included I’ll Be Back by The Beatles. I will get to that soon. And speaking of the Forum, a recent question about tips for buying a guitar got me thinking out loud. I gave short thoughts on things like 12 versus 14 frets, nut width, and even fat fingers.

I am getting closer to an upcoming lesson I mentioned last week, a solo version of I’ll Be Home For Christmas. I was looking for something close to what the composers originally intended and found it in place I would not have thought to look. I think you’ll be surprised at what I found (although it may be a ‘duh’ moment).

There were bits and pieces of a few other Holiday Classics, and even a nod toward Glenn Miller mixed in as well. I hope you enjoy the excursions.

See you next week,



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