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Totally Guitars Weekly News Wrap Up April 13th, 2012

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Totally Guitars Weekly News Wrap Up April 13th, 2012


April 13, 2012

Here is the quick rundown of things added to the Target Program this

Complete lessons on The Weary Kind, by Ryan Bingham from the movie
Crazy Heart, Neil Young’s early tune Sugar Mountain, and finally John
Fahey’s The Last Steam Engine Train, a song that has been heavily
requested (and heavily teased!) since Day 1 here at TotallyGuitars.

Fly On The Wall videos going over the Slack Key version of Hear Comes
The Sun and beginning fingerpicking tips on House Of The Rising Sun.

Student Reviews on a duet version of Willie Nelson’s On The Road Again
and The Beatles’ Michelle.

I also broke out a somewhat unusual instrument in honor of John Fahey
so be sure to watch for the Weissenborn lap steel guitar!

Stay Tuned & In Touch,



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