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Totally Guitars Weekly News Update April 29, 2011

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Totally Guitars Weekly News Update April 29, 2011


This week our Target members were treated to a couple more additions to our Beatles catalogue, as well as classics from The Zombies, Dire Straits and Buddy Holly. We had complete lesson for Julia, With A Little Help From My Friends, She’s Not There, Romeo And Juliet, and That’ll Be The Day. Both With A Little Help and She’s Not There included Campfire versions which we added to our Free Lessons as well.

We released a couple more lesson packages for those who prefer their lessons in smaller, but more focused batches. This week we saw a 5-Pack of The Kinks and a 5-Pack with 3 Bonus songs by Led Zeppelin.

A new feature we added to the site this week is the TG Wiki Pages. This is the place where any of our visitors can add or edit information about the bands and lessons we have here. More details are in the separate Forum post about this but clock on a band name in the Master Menu and check it out for yourself.

We had a slight surplus of Fly On The Wall videos this week so we decided to release a few. We had Ed working on Embryonic Journey, Fred on She’s Not There, Mark starting to work on alternating bass notes when strumming with Teach Your Children, and Kevin putting together a medley of Scarlet Begonias and Fire On The Mountain by The Grateful Dead.

A set of Student Reviews came out as we have had more members uploading videos for review lately. Keep them coming. We saw Blackbird, Gravedigger, Can’t Find My Way Home, Is There Anybody Out There, and Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.

Next week… nothing but surprises!

Stay Tuned & In Touch,



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