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A Visit With John Self


A Visit With John Self


Totally Guitars

On my recent visit to Hilo I dropped into Coconut Willy’s for breakfast with Rebecca and spent some time with our friend, the proprietor Kaliko Beamer-Trapp. You may have seen the TG News where Kaliko had a cameo or Rebecca’s story and dance on Papa’s Guitar.

As we were eating a guitar player dropped in and started playing some very unusual sounding stuff in an open tuning I couldn’t immediately identify, along with a couple partial capos. We didn’t have time to talk at first as the girls had to get to class. I came back an hour later to shoot the News and he was still there. I figured I’d take the opportunity to chat on camera and we had a great time.

The first part of our conversation included John Self playing a few tunes and telling me about how he landed in Hilo, recently moved from Portland, and general stories about music and life.

Watch Part 2 – A Little More With John Self


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