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A Little More With John Self


A Little More With John Self


Totally Guitars

After we signed off our first segment John and I got into a few more things and it seemed right to start the camera again. Our conversation turned toward musical heroes and how exciting it can be to meet one. I told him a bit about TotallyGuitars, which he was not familiar with. We found a long list of musicians we both admired and he was shocked to hear about our International Guitar Camp, particularly as I listed our guest artists. John played a couple more tunes and then we said goodbye. I went off to process the TG News and John headed out to the streets of Hilo to busk.

An interesting side note has to be mentioned as that evening I was having dinner at Cronies, where Rebecca happens to work as a waitress, and telling her friends about the morning at Coconut Willy’s when John walked in hoping for a late meal. Unfortunately the kitchen had just closed but it was great to be able to say hello and goodbye again.

Hilo is a very special place.


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