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Tommy Emmanuel – Part 2 – Spreading The Influence

Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel – Part 2 – Spreading The Influence


Tommy Emmanuel: …back when I was growing up in Australia, and I heard Milt Travis the first time. Something struck me deep in my heart. I was telling you that story about Kentucky last night. Right?

TG Matt: Yes. Yes.
Tommy: I got invited into the Thumbpickers Hall of Fame. And I’m the only non American to be in there. And it meant so much to me when I went to Muhlenberg County, to the place where it came from. I had this feeling like I’d just brought something back. It was sent over to me, and now I’ve brought it back somehow. You know what I mean? Why was I so fascinated by that music, and why I driven to work it out, and to be inspired by it? There’s a reason behind it, that now when I play to the younger generation, I’m just cool enough to get away with it.
Tommy: You know what I mean? I’m not John Mayer and I’m not Eric Clapton, but I’m somewhere in the area where it’s still cool to the younger people. It’s OK to like me even though I’ve got gray hair. You know what I mean? And I think the younger generation, as soon as they get hold of it, they run with it. You’ll hear young fellows, like there’s some guys who came to the Chet Atkins Convention, they’re 17 and 18 years old. And they’ve got thumb of Travis. They really got that beautiful, steady thumb.
And there are guy who specialize in Chet Atkins music from 1957 1965. And there are guys…That’s their life, and it’s great. Because the music keeps the family together. The music gets all the mates together, and it entertains people at the same time. And this is what it’s all about, you see.


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