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Guitar League Dallas Part 1 – Let’s Get Rolling

Guitar League

Guitar League Dallas Part 1 – Let’s Get Rolling


The Guitar League is a group of local chapters of guitar players that generally meet once a month for a couple hours. Each meeting has a ‘Presenter’ who is usually a professional musician of some sort. I had done a couple of these last year in Phoenix for Bart Marshel and was asked by Wiley Ashabranner to do his June meeting in Dallas. Due to the pandemic we were relegated to a virtual meeting with Zoom.

After a few pleasantries I was to play a few pieces, tell some stories, and offer up some teaching tidbits. The first turned out to be a performing tidbit of how not to start a concert. Fortunately, I did not look at this as a concert but that didn’t prevent an opening train wreck as I started out with Josie, by request.


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