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Rickenbacker 12 String

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Rickenbacker 12 String


Jack van Breen from Guitar Showcase in San Jose, California plays THE 12 string guitar — the Rickenbacker. You know it from many songs, from the Byrds “Mr. Tambourine Man”, to the Beatles, “A Hard Days Night” and “If I Needed Someone” the list goes on and on. When you think of the iconic 12 string guitar, this is it. Pay particular attention to the headstock, how it has 12 tuners in about the space of one with 6 tuners.


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  1. John Broadwater April 10, 2011

    Very interesting, Jack! But I’m confused about the nut width. I have small hands and short, stubby fingers and I always thought that having the strings closer together would make it easier for me to play. How does that work? Thanks! John


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