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Mike Mullins On A Collings MF-5 Varnish

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Mike Mullins On A Collings MF-5 Varnish


Okay. I have one more Collings instrument. This is his top of the line Mandolin as opposed to the one I showed you earlier which is more of, a little bit more of an economy model so to speak. This is a Collings MF5 Varnish model.
Now, this guy has got the varnish finish on it much like the old Gibson F5s from the 1920s and it’s pretty flawlessly executed, very nice scroll, really nice wood on the top back, neck, and sides, and no very high quality waverly tuners on it and with pearl buttons, real pearl; and beautiful engraved inlay on the head stalk. And this is Collings’ next thing top of the line. I think they make a couple of different Varnish Model F styles, but I think this is the one that, you know, is the crown jewel of the batch. Anyway, you know, he’s really branched out from guitars into building really fine mandolins there, you know, affordably price. By affordably, I mean you can pay for a really good costumed-built F style mandolin like this. You can pay up to $2500 and this particular one here is $89.95.
Now, this is a used instrument. Someone tried it on a brand new one of this because like I said, his instruments just keep getting better and better, so maybe the one they traded it on was even more stunning that this one, although that’s kind of hard to believe. Anyway, it’s got an unusual tailpiece, little bit of a debarred from the Gibson style. But these things really look and sound great, you know. And believe or not, that’s not a huge amount of money to spend for a very high quality F5 style mandolin. So, what does it sound like? Well, I’ll play a little something to see if you get an idea of what I can give you idea about this tone of this little guy is.
(Strumming the guitar)


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