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Acoustic Guitar Abstract #8 – Tribute To Matt Birskovich

Acoustic Snapshots

Acoustic Guitar Abstract #8 – Tribute To Matt Birskovich


Last week (Aug 30, 2012) we lost a dear friend and incredible human being, Matt Birskovich. Many of you know some or much of the story, but this was a man who was handed an extraordinary set of challenges and went on with his life like it was no big deal. His dedication to learning and teaching was just a small part of his exceptional character.
Last night (Sep 5) I set out to express myself musically with a piece to honor him. When I have done similar things in the past, the results are generally somewhat pastoral in nature, things like Papa’s Guitar or On The Horizon. This time things were quite different and I stumbled into a song that seemed quite appropriate for my feelings at the time. There was quite a different edge to the mood as well. This morning (Sep 6) I sat down and improvised a bit around the tune and figured I needed to add it to our collection of Abstracts.
Adios my friend …

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