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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up September 9, 2011

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up September 9, 2011


Sep 9, 2011-

This week we had a good mix of Target lessons from a wide spectrum of
styles. the weeks started with a razzle-dazzle fingerpicking piece of
Doc Watson’s know as Doc’s Guitar or Ticklin’ The Strings. It is
simple from a musical angle but the challenge is to get it up to
breakneck speed. I hope some folks are working on it with a metronome
to keep track of the progress. There was a related Fly On The Wall
video with my student Ed working on it as well.

We stepped into 1970s soft-rock with a look at Carole King’s It’s Too
Late, a piano song that translates very well into a jazzy, strumming
guitar tune. There is an additional bonus in that the piano solo works
out pretty well on the guitar as well. This, of course, raises the
level of difficulty a notch or two.

At the end of the week we reached into a bit of the contemporary
American music scene with a great sing-along song by the Old Crow
Medicine Show Wagon Wheel. This is a song with an interesting history
courtesy of Bob Dylan, Kris Kristopherson, Billy The Kid, and others.

Jack van Breen gave us a look at a Mesa Tube Combo amp, the Trans
Atlantic, and some info on the Fender Custom Shop, showing off a
recent Telecaster.

There were a couple of student reviews on uploads by some very long
time members on a couple of my favorite things to teach- Bach’s
Bourree in Em and the Hollies’ Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress. Be
sure to check them out, especially if these are songs you may have
forgotten about.

Until next week-

Stay Tuned & In Touch,



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