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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up September 21st, 2012

TG News

Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up September 21st, 2012



Totally Guitars Podcast

This week there were some interesting questions on the TG Forum about
outlining chords and lead playing with triads. I added a bit of info
to the discussion in this week’s News, although it might create more
confusion than clarity due to trying to be brief.

We are happy to welcome back Keith Holland to our Luthier’s Corner.
Keith did a video on his custom guitars. We also got info on The
Listening Post from Steve Rose about a spectacular guitar player,
Little Axe. And speaking of axes, I hope everybody saw Jack van Breen
from Guitar Showcase showing off the triple-necked guitar built by
Richard Mermer.

This week’s additions to the Target Program included Ring Of Fire by
Johnny Cash and Far Away by Nickelback. Ring Of Fire is notable for
many things but the most interesting to me was the way it modulated
through three keys, creating quite a large vocal range that Johnny
made seem effortless. The Nickelback tune is a good exercise in
picking out arpeggios over chords with quite a few common tones.

We also added a Student Review on Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd, as
well as a pair of Fly On The Wall Lessons. The first was Fred working
on Norwegian Wood and the second was a bit about Kelly Joe Phelps
Country Blues with Beaker.

Till next week…

Stay Tuned & In Touch,



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