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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up September 15th, 2017

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up September 15th, 2017


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This week I spent more time playing the guitar than I can remember in many months. As a matter of fact it was probably back around the time I was arranging White Bird where I was playing for a couple hours a day.

One of my personal goals is to get good recordings of pieces I work on, good enough to perform and turn into an Acoustic Snapshot. Right now I am working on a few of those and that’s what became most of today’s episode.

It started with a little improv on Imagine, inspired by my daughters’ missing camp performance, and I went through three tunes that are getting close, The Poirot Theme, Blues Land by Jerry Reed, and a little teaser of Bethena, which included a short demonstration of why you don’t usually want anybody listening to you practice. You have to play the hardest part over and over, and over…, as small or short as it may be.

I hope everybody has a relaxing and musical weekend!



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