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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up October 4th, 2013

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up October 4th, 2013


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I feel like I am about half way back into the real world after our IGC, then a trip to visit my daughter in NY, but things are starting to look and feel familiar. This week we got back to a few new Target releases and a lot of interesting topics on the Forum. As usual, the News was scattered with random playing and tangential thoughts as I started thinking about a gig I have next week playing some flamenco music. We’ll see how well that goes…

The new stuff this week included Road by Nick Drake, Annan Water by the Decemberists, and finally James Taylor’s version of You’ve Got A Friend, or at least how to play it in his style. I hope everybody can get it from the clues. My favorite release this week was Sandy’s Fly On The Wall where she wanted to relearn John Denver’s Poems, Prayers And Promises. I had totally forgotten what a great song that was and I was happy to give her some hints about figuring it out. It can now be considered another TG Community Project and I look forward to seeing what folks can come up with.

I also want to thank everybody who contributed to the Housekeeping thread. This is information we have been trying to compile to make navigation at TG more efficient. That was about it for the News this week, until next-

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