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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up October 3rd, 2014

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up October 3rd, 2014


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October is here and that means two big things, playoff baseball (including the SF Giants!), and Halloween is on the horizon. Maybe we’ll have some special songs/lessons for either occasion soon. Life at TG got a little more on track with some new song lessons, Acoustic Snapshots, Fly On The Wall videos, and finally a start to the ear-training series I have been trying to get off the ground.

During the News today I touched on some things I have enjoyed seeing on the Forum, brought up some Smothers Brothers/Mason Williams stories, brought out Bart’s 8-string baritone guitar (but didn’t really play anything on it), and played a potential sneak preview lesson, something I try not to make a habit of but when a song grabs me and I get started on it everything else takes a back seat.

The new lesson this week-
Bryan Adams – Heaven
Paul Stooky – The Wedding Song
FOTW with Marc
Ear Training For Guitarists (just the tip of the iceberg!)

Maybe next week I’ll explain my fascination with Halloween. It’s probably not what you might guess…


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