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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up October 19th, 2018

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up October 19th, 2018


Today there was a lot of playing and stumbling though old pieces in various stages of disrepair, starting with some random blues picking. Since this week had a couple new Acoustic Snapshots, Sylvia and Imagine That!, I have been playing a little more than usual. There were samples of a few originals that don’t see much light of day– Montaña de Oro, A Little Jolt, and Along The Way to name a few.

I talked about some of the obstacles in Imagine That!, which include big stretches, hinge barres with 3 different fingers, and some tricky timing parts. I hope that doesn’t discourage anybody from giving it a go.

The weeks’ other new lessons included Angry Chair by Alice In Chains and a FOTW lesson with Bill working on The Beatles’ I’ve Just Seen A Face (which also inspired a little improv today, followed by another that I’m sure you’ll recognize).

There was also another clue or two on Reflections Of My Life, particularly as far as incorporating the melody into an arpeggio accompaniment, and more on this soon.

The last bits included some faux classical stumbling block, in case you make it that far.

Onto the future…


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