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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up October 11th, 2013

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up October 11th, 2013


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Today’s News started with a little John Fahey, and included bits and pieces of Renaissance tunes from a book that was very influential and inspiring to me, The Renaissance Guitar by Frederick Noad. There was also an old, obscure piece of mine at the end, as well some musical ramblings that may be partially recognizable. I also spent time talking about Camp Reports and some threads floating through the Forum.

The new content this week included Jason Mraz, If It Kills Me, Part 6 of In Christ There Is No East Or West, a classical instrumental, Spagnoletta, and a follow-up lesson with Sandy working on John Denver’s Poems, Prayers And Promises. That lesson really focused on ear training but most of the song has been pretty much revealed I think.

We started a series of clips with Doug Young, who dropped by a week or so before the IGC and we talked about various things. This week we put out 3 parts covering his Ed Claxton guitar, thoughts on nails, and a performance of his song, The Seagull.

We also had Steve Rose get back on board with a Listening Post look at Neil Young’s latest album Psychedelic Pill. When I heard his review I had to pick up the album. There are some pretty cool songs on it, maybe even a lesson or two in the future.

That was most of the week, except I remember talking a little about my ‘Flamenco’ gig as well.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming next week, I hope!


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