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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up November 6th, 2015

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up November 6th, 2015


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It was a different morning today at TG Central. We had a visitor from Massachusetts drop in on his way back home, Bob Ring. Bob has been a Target member since day 1, the day we spent over 5 hours doing a live show that is still available around here somewhere. It is always a pleasure to hang out with traveling TGers.

The News started with a little improv on our blues tune from this week, and Bob and I traded a few stories, basically just fooling around. Somewhere in there I went through some of our recent releases and mentioned some Forum happenings. We had a question about standard notation that I commented on, as well. I mentioned a few other Forum happenings, John’s original song and the useful info from Mark on blues, to name a few.

I think a little Bach snuck in there on a thread about remembering difficult songs, hopefully with some good advice.

The new releases this week included the end of the solo arrangement of In My Life, Sandy’s continuing saga with James Taylor’s Fire And Rain, and Eric Clapton’s take on Nobody Loves You When You’re Down And Out.

Till next week, Stay Tuned & In Touch,



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