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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up November 30th, 2018

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up November 30th, 2018


It has been a couple weeks, thanks to the long weekend Holiday here, and a lot has been going on. I hope everyone is checking out the clips from the Phoenix Guitar League. As of today we are done with the five parts of the first session, maybe more to come when I get a chance to sort through it. It was nice to see some Busking additions, thanks to John and Mark, especially when we get John Renbourn AND Blues! Now how about some uploads in the Student Review Channel?

I had a chance the other day to check out some of Max’s theory lessons (part of a little inventory logging) and I really enjoyed the six in the Theory And Techniques from Max Rich category in the Master Menu. I imagine some of you have checked them out. The new one this week was on Reharmonization, or altering chord progressions. I imagine this one and the Soloing Over Dominant Chords may be causing some serious concentration episodes out there. We also had a lesson from Max on Tush by ZZ Top and Radio by The Corrs from Vanessa were added to the library this week.

We have had one or two new registrations to IGC Europe recently and I hope some of you are thinking of joining us there, or maybe in California in 2019.

As the upgrades are getting closer to finished we can use some help from anybody who might have some comments or testimonials on TG. I checked the thread recently and is has been a while so please think about writing up a short post or video.

Today’s playing was a bit limited due to some pain in the wrist that I am trying to rest but there was a little bluesy version of a Christmas classic at the beginning, and some random reharmonization of another later. I’m hope they are identifiable.

Tonight I am off to the Los Gatos Tree Lighting Ceremony for about the 20th year, more or less. Last year I may have estimated more like 30 but who’s counting???

Back in December for the next round of the Weekly Update


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