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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up November 15th, 2013

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up November 15th, 2013


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It was a beautiful morning here in Northern California, which made me stay outside for the News. It also gave me a good excuse to unwrap the TG Banner and use it as a backdrop. I will follow up with a short Banner video/photo montage soon. As much as I try to shorten these things, the longer they seem to get.

Today I wanted to offer some original song suggestions that some of you might be interested in learning, and as such, I stumbled through a myriad of bits and pieces. Most of which would have certainly benefited from a little practice, or even a little forethought. By the end I talked a little about Rosa May and metronomes, but not before going through the new Target releases and a story about the Al Stewart concert tied in with the IGC.

The new stuff: Acoustic Snapshots from Victor Tsaran, Dave Siegler, Doug Young (playing I Will by The Beatles), and me (Classical Gas from the concert); Luthier’s Corner addition from Keith Holland on Custom Electric Guitars; Doug Young’s lesson on Tone For Fingerstyle Players; and a really fun Fly On The Wall video featuring MattF trying to figure out Nirvana’s Lake Of Fire. We also added some great songs to the lesson library: Little Song by Sarah Jarosz; Harry Nilsson’s version of Everybody’s Talkin’; and Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen. It’s always fun to come up with one that I’m pretty sure nobody expected.

Next week… 10 minutes or less… I promise… I think… maybe…


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