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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up November 14th, 2014

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up November 14th, 2014


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Totally Guitars Weekly News Podcast

This week I spent a lot of time addressing ways to deal with a problem that is starting to seem impossible. This of course started on the Forum but it reminded me of a few situations with original pieces, or arrangements, where I was heading in that direction. By the end of today’s extended and interrupted entry, I struggled through my current gigantic obstacle of a piece, Bethena by Scott Joplin.

A few things that got mentioned leading up to that included this week’s new content, a suggestion about strumming motion (also from a Forum post), and most importantly, a rediscovery of some great software that was essential to one of this week’s lessons.

The new releases for the week included Vanessa’s lesson on Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, Davey Graham’s original version of Angi, a Fly On The Wall video with Fred working on Here Comes The Sun, and a couple segments from recurring the series running now: Section C of The Good Life and an Ear Training set of videos on Seventh Chords.

The software I want to bring back into our discussions is Song Surgeon. Last week I really needed to hear Angi slowed down and it did a phenomenal jab, making it very easy to hear exactly what he was doing. During the News today I also mentioned a feature it has that I never really thought I’d need or use, only to find a situation that arose due to the current Ragtime kick where it was the perfect solution. Anybody with a stash of LPs that are unlikely to ever enter the digital age will appreciate it. If you need to check it out again it is easy to access from our “Recommended Products” link on the left.

As alluded to in today’s News, I may have too much practicing going on in the immediate future to ever get to any new lessons… hopefully nobody is hurting for material???


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