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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up May 26th, 2017



  1. Bruce Magee May 28, 2017

    Hey Neal. Keep up the good work my friend. Take it from a person who had a total replacement done of the right shoulder. THREE TIMES. It became infected. It is all about the rehab. Hours every day for 8 months for me but now I have almost total range of motion. The worse part was I couldn’t play guitar for about 6 months
    Continue the good work and work hard at it. It pays off. By the way, it sounds like you haven’t missed a beat with your playing. I only wish I could play like that.

  2. Bob May 28, 2017

    My wife had knee replacement several years ago. The best advice I can give you is to apply pure coconut oil several times a day. It really does reduce the scarring. Gotta keep those knees looking good for the camera!


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