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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up March 20th, 2015

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up March 20th, 2015


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Spring is here, I know because our local classical station started the morning with a little Felix Mendelssohn, who we also have to thank for recognizing the genius of J.S. Bach and bringing his music back into the mainstream after it languished in obscurity as the Baroque Period gave way to the march of history. This tangential excursion is brought to you by the folks behind the scenes who tell me to write more stuff about the News each week. Now on to stuff I did touch on in the video.

I hope everybody saw some of the Fly On The Wall lesson with Robb, although I can’t ask anybody to watch the whole thing, except maybe Robb, as it was a bit long. But this also gives me a chance to mention that anytime anyone from TG is in Northern California I am happy to set some time aside for a private lesson. I have to admit I was a bit unsure of where to go when he said he wanted to work on Chick Corea’s Spain. I was relieved that the issue was counting rather than putting together a solo guitar arrangement. It gave us an excuse to go into other songs like Over The Hills And Far Away that have tricky rhythms.

The other new lessons for the week included the conclusion of Heliotrope Bouquet, Bob Dylan’s Simple Twist Of Fate, and Kiss From A Rose by Seal.

I also played through (maybe “around with” would be a better description) some classical pieces that I have been thinking of doing lessons on. Unfortunately, many of these would require much more time than I can usually allot for a lesson, orders of magnitude in some cases, and the complaints of the frequency of new lessons would probably roll in quickly. There might be a happy medium out there somewhere though so I think I will get on some more complex pieces in the near future. I also talked a little about the thread asking for more Play Throughs as part of this discussion.

The other big News around here is our sister-site Totally Electric Guitars is up and running with my colleague Max Rich. Max will also be joining us for a day or two at this year’s IGC, meaning we will branch out into a little electric stuff. We also have a special offer brewing for TG members over at TEG so keep your eyes on the Forum and watch for announcements in the weekly emails.

OK, I am at a loss for words, finally!


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