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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up June 17, 2011

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up June 17, 2011


It was a fingerpicking guitar week around here at TG. We brought out
Target songs by Rev. Gary Davis- I’ll Be All Right Someday, John
Fahey- Take A Look At That Baby, a traditional fiddle tune called
Money’s All Gone, and another episode in our Drip Feed lesson on
Sleight Of Hand. We will probably take a short break on the next part
of the tune to give everybody a chance to catch their breath and try
something else. We also had a Fly On The Wall video with our Target
member Scott Butler. There are a couple of more installments of that
in the wings as well.

Staying with the picking theme, we also added two new packs of tunes-
a Pack of 5 Gary Davis songs and a 10-Pack of Intermediate
Instrumentals. The Davis pack includes all the lesson here so far-
Candyman, Cocaine Blues, I’ll Be All Right Someday, Sally Where’d You
Get Your Whiskey, and She’s Funny That Way. The Intermediate
Instrumentals has too many songs to list but check it out. There are a
couple of vocal tunes in there masquerading as instrumentals because
we couldn’t leave out classics like Alice’s Restaurant and Fishin’

Our Acoustic Snapshot column had a few new additions courtesy of our
friend Muriel Anderson. She does an amazing job on some pieces from
the classical repertoire as well as the Carpenters.

We want you to keep an eye out for a new feature we are starting here
at TG. It is a little game that rewards our members with points for
various activities at the site. More on this as it evolves.

Until next week…

Stay Tuned& In Touch,



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