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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up July 22nd, 2016

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up July 22nd, 2016


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Great week on the Forum and it inspired me to include a few lessons in the News. There was a lot of playing and hopefully enough instruction for everybody to add a few Elvis songs to their repertoire. If not, maybe the next move is to add some to the Listen Up section and get those ears working.

A couple of the new lessons this week were inspired by my students, hence Maroon 5’s Daylight and José Feliciano’s rendition of Light My Fire. Vanessa brought us another George Michael song, Father Figure, which led me into some Dick Dale surf guitar thoughts (mostly butchered as there was no real forethought available).

We also had a heavy theory FOTW with Ed going into exotic scales, which coincided with thoughts on the Altered Phrygian Scale Vanessa brought up in Father Figure.

I had a few more thoughts on Chris’s fabulous thread about TG omissions, including mentioning that there are more songs here from some of the listed artists than Tommy and Judy Collins, wondering who can figure out some of the cryptic references.

Them’s the highlights, I hope you enjoy the ranting!



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