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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up July 19th, 2013

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up July 19th, 2013


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Somehow today’s News was way more scattered than usual, I guess I had too many things I wanted to talk about and kept jumping around trying to get them all in, in a condensed and focused manner. I can’t say that happened but I did manage to address a bunch of stuff from the Forum as well as get to the week’s new material, eventually. Topics included stem directions in notation, GuitarPro files, fingering options for B chords, and misunderstood lyrics. I also talked a bit about a couple of my favorite artists, Jim Croce and Arlo Guthrie, who happened to appear in a VH1 Behind The Music about Jim. I highly recommend that everybody check it out.

In case anybody missed the new stuff, it included Invisible Sun by The Police, Longer by Dan Fogelberg, Photographs And Memories by Jim Croce and Vanessa’s lesson on Jason Mraz’ Love For A Child. We also managed to resurrect a Fly On The Wall Country Blues Lesson with Lynn and a Student Review on Dan Fogelberg’s Leader Of The Band, looking a a great upload by jcrocket.

On a side note, by trying to keep this one short and cover a bunch of things I think I managed to set a new record for length of a weekly update. I will try harder next week to cut it down.

Till then-

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