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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up July 1, 2011

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up July 1, 2011


From Woodsongs Guitar Shop in Boulder, Colorado-

This week we went a little deeper into the Zombies catalog for our
Target members with their song I Love You, as well as Rod Argent’s
tune Hold Your Head Up. There were a couple of solo ukulele lessons
from Hal Kinnaman, My Sweet Sweetie and Somewhere Over The Rainbow. We
had the next installment of Muriel Anderson’s lesson on Vincent and
finished up Scott’s Fly On The Wall lesson with a look at On The
Horizon. There also were a couple of clips from Jack van Breen talking
about different Martin series and models.

Other additions to the site include our Banner Map, following the TG
Banner around the world. It is accessible through the Community Map
button. We now have added a quick link menu to the bottom of every
window that will take you to all the social media sites, Twitter,
Facebook, etc. It really helps us out when to spread our info there so
please keep it up.

Another feature that has been added is our Guest Reporter Uploader.
This allows anybody to upload videos that might be interesting or
pertinent to TG automatically. Be sure to check it out and start
thinking about projects.

That’s all from beautiful Boulder…

Stay Tuned& In Touch,



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