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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up January 29th, 2016

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up January 29th, 2016


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A new lesson! After about 8 weeks, the big news around here is I can play the guitar with almost no pain. Although I am finding hand muscles that were starting to shows signs of a little atrophy, leading to that good pain you feel sometimes when you get from strenuous workouts. Today’s update started with the chord progression to one of my favorite instrumentals by one of my favorite bands. Although there are vocals, just no lyrics. There were plenty of bits and pieces of random tunes scattered throughout a more manic video than ones from the last few weeks.

I brought up my friend Eric Bolvin, whose jazz quintet was playing at a local club last Saturday night. More details in the video but check him out here.

There were comments on recent Forum posts, the ‘wobble‘ problem and John’s great rendition of In My Life to name a few. The main new stuff this week was a look inside Sandy’s lesson on You’ve Got A Friend and Desperado, along with a complicated strumming tune, Tin Man by America.

The other big News items were an upcoming series of DVD lessons from Max Rich on lead playing, and our progress on unlocking some of the workshop videos from IGC to IGC alumni. These will include the workshops by Al Stewart, Muriel Anderson, Alex de Grassi, Dave Nachmanoff, Doug Young, and Steve Palazzo, to list some that I remember. Anybody who signs up for this year will have access as well.

On to next week and a couple more advanced intermediate strumming songs… I hope.



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