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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up February 12, 2021

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up February 12, 2021


February 12, 2021

From John Fahey to Pat Metheny, as far as opening and closing tunes today, and a bit of Carpenters in between, would be my two-bit summary of today’s update. There was a chat about this year’s hummingbird family under construction in the same awning, and likely the same mother, and references to some things you might want to check on the Forum. Particularly Lisa’s cool family project on Shania Twain’s No One Needs To Know.
I want to make sure everybody knows about what some of our friends are up to. Muriel has a live spot tonight, Doug Young this Sunday, and Dave Nach coming up on Saturday February 27.

New stuff on the site this week included lessons on Poor Boy by John Fahey, Vanessa’s look at On The Bus Mall by The Decemberists, and Doug’s DADGAD arrangement of For No One by The Beatles. We also had a Student Review of Steve’s Fare Thee Well by Bob Dylan, and a Fly On The Wall lesson called Fingerpicking Strategies.
Next week will bring us one more Everly Brothers tune, our last Stone Temple Pilots song from Max and another lap steel Fahey song (I hope…).
And for some reason, Pat Metheny’s Last Train Home popped into my head as I was wrapping things up. I hope you enjoy it.


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