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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up August 8th, 2014

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up August 8th, 2014


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This week we had lessons on a couple simple classics, and finally finished up the Guitar Geography Series. On the News today I also talked about some of the ideas we are running around for our camp, even promising to have the schedule up by Monday. I really appreciate the comments on camps our members recently attended, kind of makes me want to go to one someday, maybe Tommy’s in Australia with Bill!

This week’s Fly On The Wall lesson, Ed working on lap steel and The Rolling Stones’ No Expectations, was one of those that I think should be enough for anybody to learn everything they need to play the song. Sometimes they just work out that way accidentally.

The simple things I referred to above were great songs that have a simple structure, hoping that anyone interested in songwriting can get tips from. They were The Stones’ Beast Of Burden and The Beatles’ Eight Days A Week, which was done as an ear training exercise bringing in the hated music stand to obscure the view.

A few other distractions and a guilty pleasure from the 70s rounded out the update, hope you enjoy it!


P.S. Broken nail impeded much playing today, sorry.


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