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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up August 7th, 2015

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up August 7th, 2015


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Summer vacation was the theme of the last two weeks. It started off with Vanessa and Corina hanging out with Chris in Switzerland, and then our trip to New York, along with probably lots of other TG’ers just not being quite so public. As I had not really been doing much guitar playing over the time, today’s News was sprinkled with random improvs, a glimpse into how many of my practice sessions start or finish.

Much of my trip is documented in the AWOL thread but I got to another description later in the News, after a few general announcements, recent content rundown, comments on Forum posts, and a little IGC info.

The biggest of the general announcements had to do with our remaining, although dwindling supply our Virtuoso Bundle DVD sets.

The recent lessons included our addition to The Rolling Stones’ Angie, Carly Simon’s Anticipation, Everything I Do I Do For You by Bryan Adams, the final parts of God Only Knows, and a fun FOTW with Chacho going through Dust In The Wind, My My Hey Hey, and I Still Can’t Say Goodbye.

The IGC info was that we are about a month out and, due to circumstances, have room for a couple more last minute additions if anybody wants to jump on a plane soon.

The review of Nani’s and my NY trip might be a little too much information but hanging out with Muriel Anderson for a couple days at the beach was completely unexpected and an event of a lifetime. I hope the story doesn’t get too boring.

Not sure how the next few weeks will shake out as I kick into IGC mode but I have some very cool lessons planned, including a level 9 instrumental that I accidentally gave a sneak preview for.

Till next week, stay tuned & in touch,



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