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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up April 8th, 2016

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up April 8th, 2016


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This week we continued exploring Greg Lake’s early songs with an acoustic take on Take A Pebble. It has been really fun (for me at least) to look at these great songs differently, never really considering them acoustic ballads until hearing him revive them.

I recently received a couple requests that led to new stuff for our Target members, including one for a new video walking through the chord solo version of Waiting On A Friend by The Rolling Stones. I mentioned a long time ago, when we added tab, that I would be happy to shoot a video if anybody requested it. Well lo and behold, somebody finally did. I hope anybody else working on it will find a little more insight in it as well.

Other new releases this week included an Alice In Chains lesson from our buddy Max at Totally Electric Guitars, Rooster, and a Fly On The Wall lesson where Ed innocently said something like, “Before we go there, I have a quick question. What is a perfect fifth?”

Now I am sure most of you know that there are not many quick answers in music, especially when I see an educational opportunity open up, and we spent about 30 minutes talking about intervals in general before I gave him the quick answer. I elaborated a bit on thirds in particular as part of today’s News.

One of the other requests I got this week was fingernail advice for someone with weak nails. I know if I was doing shows even a couple nights a week my nails would start causing problems. I would probably have to go the false nail route like our friend Doug Young. The per who posed the question was not ready to go there so I gave him my advice, and brought that up in the News as well.

We also opened up a new room here at TG, the DVD Store. Many people have asked us about making stuff available outside the streaming world and we are working hard at that, hoping to add a couple new packages each month. Check it out when you have time, if you haven’t already.

Along similar lines, we realized that some of our Target content was not available outside the program on an individual basis, and this week released a stand alone pack The Guide To Reading Music.

Other than that, there was the usual wanderings and musical ramblings, and possible hints at upcoming lessons. Tune back in next week to see if any of them materialize.

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