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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up April 4th, 2014

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up April 4th, 2014


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This week has been a little more theory heavy than most, a trend that I see continuing for a bit as I seem to be accumulating a back log of outlines on lessons that I think are really important and useful but I also keep running into great songs for lessons. Such a dilemma! Aside from the usual rundown of new stuff, there was a little IGC info, comments on ancient cities, direction in hybrid picking, thoughts on songs you always listen to the until the end, and a brief recap of a lesson I had last night with a longtime TGer. I also mentioned that we are back in production of Student Reviews so I hope to see more soon, although the last few I have seen didn’t require any correction, they were spectacular.

Along with an upcoming FOTW from last night (hopefully), there is a chance that I Can’t Tell You Why with Sandy gave enough info for folks to be able to play the song. Let me know if that seems like the case, as even today’s News may have enough clues to add an Allman Brothers’ song to your repertoire.

I seem to remember playing bits and pieces of a few originals, as well as Pete Townsend, Antonio Lauro, Fernando Sor, probably a few that I have forgotten too. In any case, I hope you find something informative, entertaining, or at least amusing in today’s update from rainy (finally!!) California.


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