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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up April 22nd, 2016

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up April 22nd, 2016


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This week things seemed to pick up a bit on the Forum. I appreciate the testimonial videos some people put up for us and we plan to get those on the new front page soon. I was also glad to see a couple new uploads for review and had a good time revisiting Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door and You Can Close Your Eyes.

In the course of today’s News I played a bit with our Listen Up Challenge, Now You’re Gone by Boz Scaggs, toyed with Canned Heat in line with our Fly On The Wall Lesson that included Going Up The Country and On The Road Again (not to be confused with On The Road Again), offered a little suggestion on singing Neil Young-type songs, and recommend a solution to the tablet question about free previews.

I want to thank Michele for again coming up with a thought provoking thread about where else you life map may have gone. I addressed it a little but I need to dig a little deeper into the memory banks, maybe next week.

This week I also managed to catch up on a promise to come up with a Campfire version of God Only Knows, or at least a chord chart/arrangement that could be the accompaniment for a vocalist. I was reminded of it by someone who had been waiting patiently. It is a good idea to bring these things to my attention as the cracks things can fall through seem to be getting bigger recently.

Next week I hope to be rolling out a couple cool strumming songs, but if I don’t, feel free to remind me.



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