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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up April 17th, 2020

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up April 17th, 2020


The big news this week included the hummingbirds and pet names, classic TV, comments on songs and uploads from members, and livestreams from TG Friends. Needless to say some of the thoughts spun off into personal tangents, of course. We are also experimenting with snazzier production techniques, and you may notice some bumps we hope to work through soon.

If it is not too late, be sure to check out Keola Beamer’s concert, today at 8:00 Eastern. The link can be found in this post.

And Muriel Anderson will be doing another set from her living room on April 30.

The hummingbirds are growing fast and trying to get their wings strong enough to get them some lift. They are very close so we may soon be seeing the last of them. I did mention that we probably should name them before they take off and I solicit your suggestions. This led me into one of the tangents, talking about the names we chose for cats over the years.

Another wandering thought appeared due to catching an episode of Columbo last night. It centered around a winery, which turned out to be shot here in San Jose at the Mirassou Winery, a place I had visited often, and even played a few casual gigs at. In the story the wine brother killed his sibling who wanted to sell out to a jug wine group. Ironically, in the early 2000’s the Mirassou brothers sold to the Gallo, and the place became condos.

OK, back to the real world…




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