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Totally Guitars Weekly Update May 19, 2023

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update May 19, 2023


May 19, 2023

Runaway, a hit for Del Shannon way back in 1961, was on my mind at the start of today’s update. We recently put up a lesson from Nesh on it and last week it was an upload in the Student Reviews portal. It got me looking through our vast stash of those and I found that there are over 400 reviews, going back to 2009. I hope some of you take advantage of this huge resource and check out some of the lessons there.

Along with a couple new reviews (and a couple more on the way soon) we also added a lesson on Heart Of The Night by Poco. This was from their album Legend, which essentially resurrected the band after it was disbanding and finally put them on the charts.

There were a lot of interesting posts on the Forum and I weighed in on fingerpicks, Robert Johnson and Gordon Lightfoot, including ending with a stab at I’m Not Supposed To Care.

We are extending the Deep Cuts Project for another week so check it out if you’d like to offer your suggestions on some 6-Packs of songs from multiple artists.

I also mentioned some of the utilities that I think are very useful to guitar students. These include Guitar Pro, Metronome Beats (phone app), Song Surgeon, and its companion Video Surgeon. I hope most of you will consider adding them to your guitar experience. I will have info soon on one more very cool tool, so…

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